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If you have to find a label for our fantastic Dida's Food Stores, "European-style Delicatessen" probably comes closest. Even that can't communicate the huge variety of amazing food(ie) options on offer or the Continental conviviality with which our high standards of service are delivered. Our own grandfather's (Dida's) generous, welcoming spirit is what we aim to replicate whether we're fixing you a quick coffee fix or shaving that perfectly proportioned piece of Grana Padano. The shelves are stacked with the very best of local and imported producers - and while we sell these for you to broaden your own culinary creations, we use them in ours for your pleasure too. Our Spanish scrambled eggs are one of the many regular favourites from our breakfast menu (kicks off every day at 7am) and the salads, sandwiches and cakes available from the cabinets are full of flavour and crafted with finesse. Our fresh, imported and locally-produced cheese selection is now legendary. Have a coffee or a glass of wine with something sumptuous, or take away an exotic product and spice up your own kitchen: either way we - and you - have got it covered.

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