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In Europe, you rarely have a glass of wine without something tasty to complement it and this has been the basic premise behind our Wine & Tapa Lounge: to provide a menu of ever-changing, innovative and, crucially, delicious small-plates and a correspondingly varied and exciting winelist to marry them to. The food is artfully crafted by our Dida's kitchen team, authentic, Spanish-style morsels created using the high quality produce that we proudly carry in our Dida's Food Store. These wondrous little palate-primers are, in true Euro-style, all ready to be washed down with a glass from our extensive local and imported wine selection. Clearly, being part of Glengarry helps on that front, with the lounge having access to an unparalleled portfolio of imported delights and stunning local offerings. Reflecting our no-compromises commitment to quality, all our wines are served in Eisch stemware. You could say you're spoiled for choice but we figure that's got to be a good thing: variety, spice, life and all that that means.

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